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A 10 floors glued-laminated timber tower to be built in Monaco!

Upbrella Construction will provide the patented Upbrella construction system for the construction of a glued-laminated timber residential building in Monaco.

The project’s 10 floors will provide for 25 apartments to be built on a 400 m2 lot on Boulevard d’Italie and is to be certified to the sustainable building norm BD2M (Bâtiments Durables Méditerranéens de Monaco).

The structure of the dwellings, entirely composed of timber including the inner core, is formed of an exoskeleton and stanchions / beams all sourced from local, specialist, sustainable timber material.


The development stands upon concrete foundations supporting an open concourse, the entrance to the dwellings, a drop off point and a bike shelter, the building is crowned by an open air space set up by “Terre de Monaco” as an urban vegetable garden.

The Princier Government ordered this project to increase the availability of dwellings in Monaco, as such the Carmelha tower will only be available to permanent residents of the Principality.

Upbrella was selected for its ability to significantly reduce site nuisances, such as noise and dust, and for providing the safest and most ergonomic sheltered environment in the industry. Upbrella’s shelter protects from weather events and helps control the work site temperature and humidity to ensure the best conditions for the assembly of the glued-laminated components.

About Upbrella

Upbrella Construction markets the Upbrella patented high-rise construction system worldwide. The Upbrella construction system accelerates project deliveries, improves work quality, reduces site nuisance and offers the safest and most ergonomic work site environment in the industry.

Upbrella is an advantageous alternative to conventional methods.  It offers the installation of the roof as soon as possible followed by a lift system featuring modern and safe handling tools. The work environment created benefits from all of the advantages of industrial production.

Site Quartier de La Rousse, Monaco (98)
Client Gouvernement Princier Principauté de Monaco
Architects studio BELLECOUR architectes, Gabriel Viora
Engineers Egis, Elioth
Program Construction of a 47 meters residential tower in a seismic zone, widespread use of timber in the structure and the inner core, Energy hub with reversible fuel cells
BIM Collaboration project from conception to delivery, level 3
Surface area 4130 sqm
Cost M€ 25
Delivery 2022

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