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From Romanticism To Bolshevism

By Michael Löwy

On The 100Th Anniversary Of The Publication Of History And Class Consciousness, A New Edition Of This Indispensable Guide To Lukacs’s Thought And Politics

The Philosophical And Political Development That Converted Georg Lukács From A Distinguished Representative Of Central European Aesthetic Vitalism Into A Major Marxist Theorist And Communist Militant Has Long Remained An Enigma.

In This This Now Classic Study, Michael Löwy For The First Time Traced And Explained The Extraordinary Mutation That Occurred In Lukács’s Thought Between 1909 And 1929. Utilizing Many As Yet Unpublished Sources, Löwy Meticulously Reconstructed The Complex Itinerary Of Lukács’s Thinking As He Gradually Moved Towards His Decisive Encounter With Bolshevism.

The Religious Convictions Of The Early Lukács, The Peculiar Spell Exercised On Him And On Max Weber By Dostoyevskyan Images Of Pre-Revolutionary Russia, The Nature Of His Friendships With Ernst Bloch And Thomas Mann, Were Amongst The Discoveries Of The Book.

Then, In A Fascinating Case-Study In The Sociology Of Ideas, Löwy Showed How The Same Philosophical Problematic Of Lebensphilosophie Dominated The Intelligentsias Of Both Germany And Hungary In The Pre-War Period, Yet How The Different Configurations Of Social Forces In Each Country Bent Its Political Destiny Into Opposite Directions. The Famous Works Produced By Lukács During And After The Hungarian Commune—Tactics And Ethics, History And Class Consciousness And Lenin—Were Analysed And Assessed. A Concluding Chapter Discussed Lukács’s Eventual Ambiguous Settlement With Stalinism In The Thirties, And Its Coda Of Renewed Radicalism In The Final Years Of His Life.

In This New Edition, Löwy Has Added A Substantial New Introduction Which Reassess The Nature Of Lukacs’s Thought In The Light Of Newly Published Texts And Debates.

The Good Die Young

The Verdict On Henry Kissinger
Introduction By Greg Grandin
Edited By Bhaskar Sunkara, René Rojas And Jonah Walter

Kissinger Is Dead But His Blood-Soaked Legacy Endures

If The American Foreign Policy Establishment Is A Grand Citadel, Then Henry Kissinger Is The Ghoul Haunting Its Hallways. For Half A Century, He Was An Omnipresent Figure In War Rooms And At Press Briefings, Dutifully Shepherding The American Empire Through Successive Rounds Of Growing Pains. For Multiple Generations Of Anti-War Activists, Kissinger Personified The Depravity Of The American War Machine.

The World Kissinger Wrought Is The World We Live In, Where Ideal Investment Conditions Are Generated From The Barrel Of A Gun. Today, Global Capitalism And United States Hegemony Are Underwritten By The Most Powerful Military Ever Devised. Any Political Vision Worth Fighting For Must Promise An End To The Cycle Of Never-Ending Wars Afflicting The World In The Twenty-First Century. And Breaking That Cycle Means Placing The Twin Evils Of Capitalism And Imperialism In Our Crosshairs.

In This Book, Jacobin Follows Kissinger’s Fiery Trajectory Around The World — Not Because He Was Evil Incarnate, But Because He, More Than Any Other Public Figure, Illustrates The Links Between Capitalism, Empire, And The Feedback Loop Of Endless War-Making That Still Plagues Us Today.
“The Collection Strikes A Blackly Comic But Erudite Tone.”
–Sophia Nguyen, The Washington Post

The New China Playbook

By Keyu Jin

Beyond Socialism and Capitalism

A myth-dispelling, comprehensive guide to the Chinese economy and its path to ascendancy.

China’s economy has been booming for decades now. A formidable and emerging power on the world stage, the China that most Americans picture is only a rough sketch, based on American news coverage, policy, and ways of understanding.

Enter Keyu Jin: a world-renowned economist who was born in China, educated in the U.S., and is now a tenured professor at the London School of Economics. A person fluent in both Eastern and Western cultures, and a voice of the new generation of Chinese who represent a radical break from the past, Jin is uniquely poised to explain how China became the most successful economic story of our time, as it has shifted from primarily state-owned enterprise to an economy that is thriving in entrepreneurship, and participation in the global economy.

China’s economic realm is colorful and lively, filled with paradoxes and conundrums, and Jin believes that by understanding the Chinese model, the people, the culture and history in its true perspective, one can reconcile what may appear to be contradictions to the Western eye.

What follows is an illuminating account of a burgeoning world power, its past, and its potential future.

We Uyghurs Have No Say

By Illham Tohti

An Imprisoned Writer Speaks

Translated by Yaxue Cao, Cindy Carter and Matthew Robertson

The words of China’s most famous political prisoner

In Xinjiang, the large northwest region of China, the government has imprisoned more than a million Uyghurs in reeducation camps. One of the incarcerated—whose sentence, unlike most others, has no end date—is Ilham Tohti, an intellectual and economist, a prolific writer, and formerly the host of a website, Uyghur Online. In 2014, Tohti was arrested; accused of advocating separatism, violence, and the overthrow of the Chinese government; subjected to a two-day trial; and sentenced to life. Nothing has been heard from him since.

Here are Tohti’s own words, a collection of his plain-spoken calls for justice, scholarly explanations of the history of Xinjiang, and poignant personal reflections. While his courage and outspokenness about the plight of China’s Muslim minorities is extraordinary, these essays sound a measured insistence on peace and just treatment for the Uyghurs.

Winner of the PEN/Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award and the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought while imprisoned, this book is the only way to hear from a man who has been called “a Uyghur Mandela.”

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