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Release of world’s first diplomatic community website

eGoVisa announced the Beta release of the world’s first website dedicated to the international diplomatie community.

This new site which is available in beta form at will save time and effort when seeking critical insight into the diplomatic world – with up to date information on Ministries, diplomatic missions, and diplomatic news from across the world.

It provides valuable information on people, places and events, and has special offers for services exclusively available to the diplomatic corps.

As well as the ability for Britain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their outposts to manage and publish unlimited news, _DIPLOMATICO_ features a lightning fast and comprehensive search engine for missions and diplomatic staff, connecting the globe’s diplomatic community.

By incorporating news, searches and events into a single aggregated site covering over all Foreign Ministries and over 26,000 outposts across the globe, _DIPLOMATICO_ will help set new benchmarks and enable better communication and decision making while eliminating all operation inefficiencies.

The portal, combines core applications GovPort and VisaPort into a single site, designed to help drive improvements in the operational efficiencies of ministries and their outposts by minimizing data entry, eliminating PROCESS redundancies AND ALL BUT ABOLISHING stale data. DIPLOMATICO_, also known as “Diplomatic Community Aggregation” is an extension to eGoVisa’s flagship product VisaPort which extends the VisaPort application with:

* an ACMS (Aggregated content management system) for publishing MoFA and Outpost news that are instantly rendered on _DIPLOMATICO_.

* a comprehensive news, outpost(s) and diplomatic personnel directory
search feature

* an event management process that handles MoFA and Outpost event

Ghassan Matar

DIPLOMATICO is possible because our GovPort Cloud Framework beautifully solves problems of immense data sets requiring massive storage and infrastructure, data distribution problems, high velocity updates, and setup costs.
And when you consolidate data for one customer, you can leverage it for many customers while economies of scale make it cost effective to provide the best data possible that is not only reliable, but secure.

Furthermore, by using DIPLOMATICO foreign ministries or their outposts can post news and events in real time and broadcast them to the entire diplomatic community, in a consistent and coherent format, said Ghassan Matar, CEO at eGoVisa Group.

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