Enhancing aviation security and industrial competitiveness

Delivering on its aims to promote a genuine Security Union and a more competitive EU security industry, the Commission proposes to establish a single EU procedure for aviation security screening equipment.

Aviation security screening equipment is used for the screening of persons (passengers and airport staff), cabin baggage, hold baggage, supplies, air cargo and mail.

The Commission proposes a single EU certification procedure for aviation security screening equipment. This will allow security equipment approved in one Member State to also be put on the market in others in line with the principle of mutual recognition.

A single EU certification will help overcome the current market fragmentation and strengthen the competitiveness of the EU security industry. It will also boost employment in a sector which represents a considerable market, with an annual global turnover of 14 billion euro, 4.2 billion of which in the EU alone.

A more competitive EU security industry will be able to offer technological solutions which will increase the security of European citizens and the capacity of Europe to prevent and respond to security threats.

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